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Unknown Horizons is a 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis on economy and city building. Expand your small settlement to a strong and wealthy colony, collect taxes and supply your inhabitants with valuable goods. Increase your power with a well balanced economy and with strategic trade and diplomacy.

We hope you enjoy your stay at our page and learn more about the interesting world of Unknown Horizons.

New Forum
Posted at: Nov 14, 2016 by linuxdonald
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Hello i want you to inform that we have setup and complete new Fourm. Because we dont had access to the old one now for an log time. We dont could update it and so on. But we dont could make an backup of the old one sorry at all.


You must completly new register on it. Sorry for that.

Unknown-Horizons needs your help!
Posted at: Aug 25, 2016 by linuxdonald
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the Unknown Horizons team is currently looking for volunteers to update our translations for the next release. Anyone interested can start directly using the following Link. Even for common languages, it is worth a look, because of the different states the translations are in. While some are nearly done, others are completely missing and most need to be checked because of the changes done for the next release.

If you have any questions, contact me via email linuxdonald@posteo.de or in our IRC channel (server: freenode.net channel: #unknown-horizons).

Happy new year 2016
Posted at: Jan 2, 2016 by stubb
Categorized under: »Coding »Project Coordination »Main Development

Hi everyone,
we'd like to wish you all a happy new year 2016 and hope that you had some nice holidays!

Some of you may have noticed already, that there are some new features ahead and shiny graphics produced. Linuxdonald joined the team & project management. He is currently working on the unit production. A small preview of the new graphics is visible below. These are some renderings of the new citizen mainsquare and warehouse made by janeex.

The new citizen mainsquare

The new citizen warehouse


We also managed the transition from PhpBB2 to 3. So the forums are up again and providing login via Github credentials. If you have already an account for the forum and login via Github OAuth your existing account will be merged based on your e-mail address. Only the old theme has to be ported. Help is appreciated here, like everywhere else within the Unknown Horizons project. Feel free to contact us to get involved!

All the best,
Your Unknown Horizons Team

Unknown Horizons Release 2014.1
Posted at: Dec 31, 2014 by stubb
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Hey everyone!

Time for a new release: Unknown Horizons 2014.1 has been tagged and packaged!

New features in this release:

  • Only expand settlement range for certain buildings
  • Color overlays (if running with FIFE 0.3.6 or newer)
  • Armory producing weapons
  • Button to fill lumberjack range with trees
  • Fixed some bad bugs causing the game to crash completely
  • Lots of other improvements

Our changelog contains more details about new features, improvements and fixed bugs & crashes.

Ships are identified by players color now!
Ships are identified by players color now!

All in all, the new release Unknown Horizons 2014.1 provides a more stable gaming experience with new content and a bit of eye candy added as well.
As some of you may have noticed already, there are several big changes happening around our engine FIFE right now. As a result of this, some new features (like the color overlays spotlighted above) are only available after a new engine release, or if you're running a development snapshot. There is more work ahead to fully adopt our code to more of those changes, like replacing the currently used guichan library with its FIFE-maintained improved fork fifechan. Look forward to advanced text styling, many new cool widgets (e.g. for in-game statistics) and full UTF-8 support!


Enough with the paperwork - Get Unknown Horizons 2014.1, have fun and let us know what you think!
If you spot a bug or notice odd behavior with the new release, please let us know at our bug tracker http://bugs.unknown-horizons.org.

Get Involved

Interested in helping with the development of Unknown Horizons? Great, we are looking for help in all areas and could use every available hand. Everyone can help, especially you! Check out our Get Involved page and get in touch!

Your Unknown Horizons Team

Funky segmentation faults!
Posted at: Aug 8, 2014 by stubb
Categorized under: »Main Development
Hey everyone,
just a quick sign of life: Yes we are still here. Everything is moving slowly, but we are still alive.
The following update is interesting only for very tech savy users that compile FIFE and Unknown Horizons themselves and do not use our prebuild packages.

Maybe some of you noticed a lot of fun segmentation faults running Unknown Horizons from GIT together with the latest revision of the FIFE Engine recently. Helios2k was able to figure out that it is a problem with rebuilding FIFE.

You need to clean up everything and rebuild FIFE afterwards. So pull the recent changes and run scons -c distclean.

If thats doesn't help. Feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for more updates!

All the best,
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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