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Apr 10, 2013

Project Management Change

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Posted by: stubb

Hey everyone!
We'd like to inform you that there was a change in the project management and give you a short, general update.

Project Management

First we want to thank Nightraven for his efforts and being part of the project management for the last years! Without his help and dedication we would not be where we are today.
He wants to focus his efforts on the hosting of the website and related infrastructure like the forum, as he does not longer have the possibility to work on the project with the same amount of time as before.
Kilian will take his place in the project management team of Unknown Horizons and will handle the task together with Nihathrael from now on. Kilian has been part of the Unknown Horizons project for many years and has demonstrated great effort and understanding in all areas of the project, making him a logical choice as successor of Nightraven.

New Members

It is also time to welcome ThePawnBreak to our team. He has contributed a number of important changes to the user interface in the last months. He developed a proper savegame menu for the editor, which is already contained in our recent release 2013.2. Thanks to him, we will soon have a working hotkey implementation, so that you can finally get your powerplaying going in Unknown Horizons :-). We are looking forward to what there is to come, welcome to the team!
We'd also like to thank Gryffus for his great support with developing packages for openSUSE and Fedora, enabling many players to enjoy our newest releases and also developer versions of Unknown Horizons without much hassle.

FIFE on Github

The FIFE project (our game engine) has recently moved most of their infrastructure to git and Github. You can find their new repository here: https://github.com/fifengine/
Cheers to Prock and the rest of the FIFE team for finally making it happen! Plenty of bugfixes have already been made after the transition, so that we are looking forward to their next release which will fix a number of showstopper bugs for Unknown Horizons as well. Quite some interesting new features are also in the development, so stay tuned for more updates from FIFE or better yet: start working on a nice pull request!

All the best,
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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