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Apr 7, 2013

Unknown Horizons Release 2013.2

Posted by: Christopher Oelmueller

Hello everyone,
today we bring you our brand new release Unknown Horizons 2013.2. From here on we plan to ship releases to all of you at least once every three months.

Some of the new features:

  • Progress bar on loading screen
  • Double click support in menu
  • Two new music tracks: Morgenstemning and Ireland's Coast

Additionally, we rewrote most of our gui code, re-enabled ambient sounds, fixed a metric ton of other bugs and simplified our translation workflow. You can read up on the details in our changelog.

In particular, we'd like our community to help us manage translations as the task has grown too large for our team to handle reliably. Details here - contact us on IRC!

Known Bugs

We track frequently occurring issues in our wiki.

You found a bug not listed there? Please report it: http://bugs.unknown-horizons.org

Get Involved

You are interested in helping develop a cool game? Go check out our Get Involved Page!


Unknown Horizons 2013.2, for free: Download now!

Have fun with the new release,
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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