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Mar 4, 2013

2013.1 for Linux

Posted by: Nihathrael

Hey everyone,
the FIFE team has released version 0.3.4 of their engine and we are happy to say that we can finally ship Unknown Horizons 2013.1 for Linux. If you missed our first official announcement of the 2013.1 release, read the news entry here: Unknown Horizons Release 2013.1.

Unknown Horizons 2013.1 for Linux

You'll find the source tarball on sourceforge. Please notify us (via IRC) if you are the Unknown Horizons package maintainer for your distribution and have updated the package. We will update this post to inform everyone that a package for your distro is now available.

ArchLinux - AUR Packages for Unknown Horizons
Update 7th March:
openSUSE and Fedora packages are now updated and available.

More to come...

What about Windows?

We released 2013.1 for windows a while back already. Head to our downloads section to get it!

Stay tuned for more upcoming news!
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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