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Jan 31, 2013

Unknown Horizons Release 2013.1

Posted by: Nihathrael

Hello everyone,
today we bring you our latest release Unknown Horizons 2013.1.

Some of the new features in Unknown Horizons 2013.1:

  • Completely new tileset
  • New buildings: alvearies, barracks, blender, cocoa field, doctor, herbary, lookout, pastry shop, spice field, vineyard, vintner
  • Many new graphics for existing buildings
  • AI can now handle war and diplomacy
  • Vast performance improvements
  • New music track: Battle
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • Updated translations
  • Much, much more

For a full list of changes, take a look at our changelog: https://github.com/unknown-horizons/unknown-horizons/blob/2013.1/doc/CHANGELOG

Known bugs

If you find any bugs, please report them here: http://bugs.unknown-horizons.org

Get Involved

Interested in helping out with the development of Unknown Horizons? Check out our Get Involved Page. Any help is welcome!


Unfortunately we can only provide a Windows installer for the time being. We are still awaiting the next official release of our graphics engine FIFE, as we need their newest changes. As soon as the new FIFE release is out, it will be pushed out to the Linux packages together with updates for Unknown Horizons on Linux. If you want to check out the release, please install Unknown Horizons from source, as described here: Install Unknown Horizons on linux from source.

Get the installer in our downloads area: Downloads Area

Please leave any feedback in the comments!

All the best,
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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