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Jan 4, 2013

Fedora and openSUSE (daily-) build packages

Category:Main Development 
Posted by: Nihathrael
Hey everybody,
we are back with a quick update: Automatic Unknown Horizons builds for Fedora and openSUSE linux have been created by gryffus.
These packages come in two flavors:
  • The stable release version
  • A daily build from our git sources
You can use the stable version to enjoy our latest releases, these will be reliable and are well tested versions of our code.
The daily builds from our git sources use the newest version of our game code. This comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages:
  • You get a look at the upcoming versions
  • You can try features that have not yet been released as stable with a release
  • The git version is not as well-tested as a stable release
  • You might experience crashes
  • Sometimes they might not work at all (hopefully this does not happen often)
If you are interested in helping with our development and/or bug hunting we suggest that you take a look at the development version. Many bugs that you might find in the release version might already be fixed.
You can find the packages in our downloads section:
We are currently looking into providing you with development versions for Windows- and Debian-based systems. If you want to help with this endeavor, get in touch on our IRC channel or drop us a mail (team -A^T- unknown-horizons.org).

That's it for today's update, stay tuned for more!
Your Unknown Horizons Team
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