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Nov 16, 2012

Call for Translations

Category:Main Development 
Posted by: Nihathrael

Hi everyone,
After weeks of hacking around we've finally made it and pootle seems to be up and running in a usable way. This means we can finally handle translations nicely again. Since we are on our way to the next release, we need your help to deliver the game in your language.

Call for help

Are you interested in playing Unknown Horizons in your language? Then help translate the game using our online translation system:
Just register an account, select your languages in the profile, and start translating. We'd love to see your translation in the game for our next release!

Open Positions

We are looking for language admins who take responsibility for a language on the project. A language admin reviews changes to the translation and decides whether it is good enough for the game. If you are interested in maintaining a language, contact us on irc or send an email with information about your pootle account and the language you're interested in to our translation mailing list (translate-uh@lists.unknown-horizons.org).

That's it for today's update. Stay tuned for more!
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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