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Sep 11, 2012

Massive Update

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Posted by: Nihathrael
Hey everyone,
we're back with a big status update for you.

Google Summer of Code

We're pleased to announce that our Google Summer of Code students Kiryx and vdaras easily passed the final evaluations.
Congratulations to both of you! We want to thank you for your great effort on your projects and are looking forward to your future contributions!
Kiryx's work on the combat AI system has already been merged into the main development line of Unknown Horizons. If you are running the GIT version of Unknown Horizons, feel free to update it and give it another spin. Everyone else will see a fighting AI in the next Unknown Horizons release.
vdaras work is currently being reviewed and a strategy for merging back the changes to the FIFE mainline is being created. vdaras work includes many API changes, therefore a careful merge strategy has to be used. I'm positive that we will see his work in the next FIFE release as well.

Interview at Sourceforge

Nihathrael gave a quick interview about Unknown Horizons GSoC experience for the Sourceforge.net blog. Read it here:

Work on a new tile set

Unknown Scribe has been working hard to bring a new tile set to Unknown Horizons, in order to make things like grass and water look a little nicer. He's using tile graphics from open game art created by Clint Bellanger, they can be found here: http://opengameart.org/content/grass-and-water-tiles. Here is a screenshot of the current work in progress, together with a comparison to the old graphics. Tell us what you think!
New Version:
In-Progress Version
Old Version:
Old Version

Move to Github Issues

As we have had multiple problems with our current issue management system trac, we finally made the move to using Github Issues. From now on all bugs and feature requests should be reported directly on our Github Issues page found here: http://bugs.unknown-horizons.org
Thanks to chrisoelmueller, who really invested a lot of time into finally making this happen!

German Review of Unknown Horizons

nihathrael gave an interview on tom.io's review of Unknown Horizons. nihathrael and tom.io gave the game a spin and talked about Unknown Horizons' past, future and current development. Unfortunately it is only available in German language. Tell us what you think!

Misc. Updates

H0ffi has been working on polishing a lot of aspects in Unknown Horizons' user interface. Here are some screenshots of the new production indicators:
Production Indicators
And of the "Quote of the Load":
Quote of the Load
Chris has been working on the boat builders internal systems and gui to finally make it more polished and stable. Besides that, a lot of bugs have been fixed as usual.

That was it for this update, stay tuned for more!
Your Unknown Horizons Team
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