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Feb 16, 2012

Fancy new and improved old toys

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Posted by: totycro

It's time to finally get this update out (there have actually been more changes since we've started writing this, but that will go into the next update):

Map Preview

For your convenience we have now added a map preview to the map selection, which is especially useful for random maps. Here, you can adapt the parameters until you hit something you like:

As further steps, you can enter custom seeds that generate maps you like. We're planning to add an archive of recently generated minimaps together with their seeds, so that you can replay those maps and tell your friends about it! Let us know what other cool stuff you would like to have here!

On a more technical note, the preview calculations run in the background via the fancy subprocess module of python and rely on the recently refactored minimap code (it's now used for map preview, for the actual minimap and for the ship route configuration dialog).

New settlement resource overview bar

A long time time ago, in this very galaxy, someone requested to be able to configure the resources, that are displayed in the top left bar as overview with the words: "In my opinion it's time to implement it, cause we have already 6 different resources". Now, 6 releases later and after the addition of (danger, incredible number ahead) 35 new resource types, efforts have been finally made to tackle this 4 year old ticket. This is what we came up with so far:

The fidelity isn't really preserved in the screenshots, so it probably would be best to just check it out in our development (git) version, or wait for the 2012.1 release. You can have an arbitrary number of slots, and they will be stored across savegames for each settlement individually, in order to support resource production settlements (displaying food isn't that useful for settlements where no one lives).

New buy/sell tab

Every large project probably has some kind of spot, that it's not really proud of, and that appears to be a black hole regarding the amount of work it consumes compared to the results it yields. For Unknown Horizons, this is most likely the trade tab, where you set the resources the settlement should try to buy or sell and its interaction designed in a way, that is, to say the least, not intuitive. Extensive studies were conducted to analyse the problems, yet the new proposals derived from this, even if well thought-out, proved to hardly be implementable due to limitations in our gui framework. So to alleviate the situation, the trade tab will now talk to you in your language to tell you what it currently thinks it want you to do. This is still a huge step from the desired behavior, where it would just do what you want without any extra hassle, but we feel that considering our resources, it will still enable you to conduct your businesses somewhat comfortably.

Man is the only creature that dares to light a fire and live with it.

The reason? Because he alone has learned to put it out. - Henry van Dyke

With the progress towards catastrophe implementation such as fires, buildings that could help prevent these disasters became a higher priority. As a result Daniel Stephens started working on creating the first 'Fire Brigade' building, which is shown here:


fire brigade

This is the first building that Daniel made and the process took longer than usual, with a few false starts. However the building is almost complete now with only a few minor changes to be made.

Stay tuned,
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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