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Jan 25, 2012

Awesome status icons

Posted by: Christopher Oelmueller

Short update from our visual department. Enjoy!

Want more animations?

Then check out a huge improvement to the looks of Unknown Horizons: Animated status icons that notify you whenever something could need your attention (and also show you a lot of other stuff)! Daniel Stephens contributed a batch of those icons this week. The images speak for themselves, even though these uploads are of poor quality.

Disclaimer: the in-game positioning current works for only one of four rotations. We are working on it.

Will this pavilion be in range of that tent?

We know you asked this question several times per game of Unknown Horizons. We were aware that something needs to happen, otherwise players will simply get confused and not enjoy playing UH. Thus, since last week we finally display green outlines if your to-be-constructed building is in range of other buildings. Most notably, this will tell you where to place farm fields and service providers for your inhabitants. After assembling this picture, we decided to also color the whole building in green for the effect to be more obvious.

Some more development updates

We also implemented the build menu features announced in our last posting. When hovering a building, you now see its required construction material right away and don't need to click every time. If a building lacks some of those resources, it will be displayed less prominently than those you can build. The button is still active though, so you can choose a suitable position and wait for the resources to appear.

In further news, we reduced blurriness of the distillery a bit and plan to add a few new buildings next week.
Praise Daniel in our comments and also leave all other kinds of feedback!

Stay tuned for an update on our editor soon. So long,
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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