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Jan 13, 2012

Survived once more

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Posted by: Christopher Oelmueller

Heya everybody,
in case the headline confused you: We're not getting death threats for developing an awesome game. What we survived is merging a rewrite that changed huge parts of our codebase. Why doing all this?

Content Contribution made simple!

Easy: Because Nihathrael introduced a new system to store in-game objects. We used to hide these in a database difficult to access, whereas now they are stored in a simple file based format: YAML. This makes it very easy to edit and add buildings as well as units. More polishing and documentation in this area is needed to make things even easier and thus scheduled for the next weeks. A more detailed news article on this system will follow as soon as it is well documented.

Automated Testing

Squiddy continued to work hard on our testing infrastructure – we can now write tests for our whole GUI. This might sound more interesting if you're a coder, but be assured that it's awesome progress and helps us a lot fixing bugs before you even report them!


It's been a while since we announced to be completely compatible with DFSG guidelines (no content under non-free license), but now we finally managed to get packages approved into Debian sid! Thanks to christoph for taking care of packaging both our engine, FIFE, and Unknown Horizons including all missing dependencies. Check them out: fife-python and unknown-horizons.
Our own repositories are of course still updated regularly, so if you would like to receive development snapshots packaged and use our repo already, nothing changes for you.

Website polished

We received feedback that our most valuable pages like Downloads, Support and Get Involved aren't well accessible but too chatty and heavy on text instead. Few days ago we restructured those website sections, added a lot of nice images and hope you agree it's a huge improvement. Huh, can't even remember how it looked before? Certainly not as good as now ;-)

In additional news:

  • Selecting your player color is now possible by clicking on the desired color - you even see what you chose afterwards. Also fixed an annoying bug where the player settings were not saved when switching game modes.
  • The build menu code is being refactored at the moment and will allow you to see building costs without actually building them. Furthermore we plan to allow customization of its layout, so you might rather sort the menu by classes like Infrastructure, Mining, Companies, Agriculture and so on instead of the current per-increment sorting.
  • We recently got reports on our beta testers mailing list about crazy mouse speed under certain circumstances. Because we're not sure what this is caused by, Torv added a mouse sensitivity setting to Unknown Horizons. You can fix the speed there, but we obviously also want to fix the underlying bug. If you experienced mouse speed problems, please report and share your relevant system configuration (OS, native resolution, UH resolution, fullscreen yes/no, graphics chip, driver, renderer, ...)
  • Your settlement is now aware of what it did when you weren't around :) Check out a history of trade actions performed in the warehouse tab! Includes selling and buying items from the free trader as well as from other players.

We were also discussing our communication culture a lot during the last couple of days. A lot of devs like chatting on IRC as their way to express thoughts and discuss questions that come to their mind. How would you prefer to keep updated on our development process? We could e.g. try to send more messages to our dev mailing list, write more technical blog posts or open threads in our forum. Do you know where to look for our current meeting logs? Regardless of whether you're more into graphics, code or playing UH: Leave a comment in our forums, we want to seriously improve here!

Stay tuned,
Your Unknown Horizons team

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