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Dec 21, 2011

Some steps towards 2012.1

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Posted by: totycro

Closer to world domination

Good news for our Asian friends: Thanks to the untiring efforts of chrisoelmueller and others, we finally managed to support CJKV characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese). The Japanese translation is completed by now already – 感謝 @ naraba! If you're interested in helping out with one of the other newly supported languages or those not yet finished, register at pootle and start right now! If the language of your choice has no UH project associated, please still select it in your pootle account and notify us on IRC.
We will update the translation templates later this week and add some new strings, so there is guaranteed fun for everybody :)

Interaction improvements

We've patched up our ship route configuration menu a bit in order to feature an appropriate settlement selection (it used to be a simple box without any information). Now, it looks like this:

Just click on a settlement to add it. It does not get any simpler. The boxes currently show the positions of the branch offices, so you can see where the ship is actually going to. We've also made the settlement tooltips work in the normal minimap, which by the way has seen a major overhaul, so you can expect to see it in other dialogues as well.

Other noteworthy additions

  • Our road building tool has been quite smart in finding the optimal path for roads, but now, the roads are also built as straight as possible. By the way, the hotkey "R" now opens the road builder.
  • You can now finally send ships via minimap, and every time you do, you will be rewarded with animations so magical we believe you have never seen one like that before :)
  • After the Summer of Code, our ships can fight. Since one might need an army of ships and not just one, we implemented a queue control for our boat builder:

    Just click on a ship to cancel the order. Slight adjustments of the ship icons are still on the TODO list as you might notice ;)

New hidden goodies

Because we love interesting details, that may not be worth the work, but still are awesome to have, we've added some new goodies:

  • The hotkey "O" will open a pipette mode. While it's used for colors in image editors, you can select buildings to build in Unknown Horizons. We might take it to the extreme and add a clone-mode, so you can apply your perfect settlement structure to a second island, and maybe even save a building pattern throughout games, but our usability labs will first have to evaluate this.
  • With "A", you can change to settlement ownership based view, where tiles are colored in the according owner's color.
  • The hotkey "K" toggles the health bar for your ships, which is usually only visible when you select it. This way you can easily get an overview of the status of your units.

Many other updates are not mentioned here because of space issues, for example some major performance improvements in the area of saving and loading. If you're interested in such technical details, please let us know via comments or in our forums and we'll dig deeper into that in the next post.

Your Unknown Horizons Team

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