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Nov 11, 2011

Unknown Horizons 2011.3 Release

Posted by: Christopher Oelmueller

Heya everybody,
today we proudly announce our latest release: Unknown Horizons 2011.3! Sorry for the slight delay, we think it was worth fixing some more problems to ensure you can enjoy a great release.

There is such an awesome amount of new features that we cannot include all of them in a single blog posting. We especially like to thank our new team members gscai and mihaibivol for their work during the Google Summer of Code. Check our wrap-up for details.

Putting together a short list, we'd call these the major features of 2011.3:

  • Complete settlement AI
  • Combat and diplomacy system
  • FIFE performance
  • Support for internationalized voices (right now available: de, en, fr)
  • Nine new buildings, one new ship
  • Usability and interface improvements
  • New statistic widgets
  • Random map parameters, new maps

They are explained in detail in our >release preparation posting<.

We especially want to thank those contributors that made this release possible: the new team members we received through the Summer of Code, all the translators that are listed >here<, wentam and orakeldel who created our new graphics, mtfk (responsible for the voice system), seblabel for his voice contributions,  nmarques building OpenSUSE & Fedora packages and abeaumont for finally fixing two segfaults that were around for years, literally. Thanks for everything! You guys just rock!
You can check out the complete changelog >here<.

Help Wanted

We are looking for help in all areas to keep up the current level of progress!
Especially cool are graphics for new buildings which allow us to implement further increments – but of course all kinds of support are welcome, no matter if you want to help out with game design, writing, translations, graphics, voice recording or programming. If you like Unknown Horizons and want to offer your help or get started with the team, be sure to join our IRC Channel or leave us a message on the forums. We've recently created a new subforum Contributions, leave us a posting about your ideas and we will reply as soon as possible.

We want to see you play!
Admittedly, we've hit some kind of dry spell concerning our gameplay video section. But then we realised there are many talented Unknown Horizons players such as you out there, who we and others would love to see in action. Therefore, grab any screen recording software of your choice, hit rec and show us how you build your settlement! Screenshots are also very appreciated. You can post links to your videos in the forum or as comment below, they will later be put on our YouTube page.

Download it!

If you already have an older version of Unknown Horizons installed, we suggest that you uninstall it before installing 2011.3!

You can find all new packages in the Downloads section of the website.
The Windows installer comes with everything you need to play Unknown Horizons!
Linux packages:
Archlinux users can use the AUR package. A gentoo ebuild is available in the gamerlay overlay (layman -a gamerlay). Linux packages for Suse, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint will be available soon. We'll keep you posted!

Known issues

Since Unknown Horizons is still under development, we left some minor hints in our release to indicate this ;-)

  • Player names in main menu are discarded if a different game type is chosen
  • Deer might experience extinction for no obvious reason. We are still tweaking our wild animal ecosystem to iron out such cases
  • Fisher boats stay on the map after tearing: This is a feature, we will add a re-assign mechanism to other fishers later
  • The preview when placing an iron mine looks like placing a mountain
  • When rotating view, some buildings may get confused about their Z coordinates. Working on a fix here, stay tuned.

Please report any additional crashes or problems in our bugtracker and on IRC!


We hope you enjoy this release of Unknown Horizons. If you need support or want to leave us some feedback (please do!) contact us on IRC, the forums or via e-mail (team@unknown-horizons.org).  

If you like playing the game, please consider donating to the project. This helps with paying our servers and to continue development. It also serves as a great motivation to all team members :-)
Just having finished 2011.3, we're already full of ideas and visions for 2012.1, our next release. The general focus of development at the moment seems to gear towards a fuller nature (rivers, terrain height), more content (increment 4) more support for military action (ground units) and better usability (status icons hovering over buildings, and flashing angrily if you don't treat your settlers well ;).

Have fun with 2011.3!
Your team of Unknown Horizons

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