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Oct 10, 2013

Unknown Horizons Release 2013.3

Posted by: Chris Oelmueller

Hey everyone!

Time for a new release: Unknown Horizons 2013.3 has been tagged and packaged!

New features in this release:

  • New disaster: the plague aka "the black death"
  • The doctor is back and is now needed to cure the black death
  • Medical herbs can now be produced for the doctor
  • Hotkeys can now be set in the settings
  • Many user-interface improvements
  • Fixed some bad bugs causing the game to crash completely
  • Lots of small improvements

Our changelog contains more details about crashes and other bugs that we fixed.

The plague haunts the city!
The plague haunts the city.

The new hotkey settings view
The new hotkey settings menu

All in all, the combination of Unknown Horizons 2013.3 and FIFE 0.3.5 is intended to provide a far more stable gaming experience. If you do spot a bug or notice odd behavior however, please let us know at http://bugs.unknown-horizons.org.

Get Involved

Interested in helping with the development of Unknown Horizons? Great, we are looking for help in all areas. Everyone can help! Check out our Get Involved page and get in touch with the team, we are awaiting you.


Enough with the paperwork - Get Unknown Horizons 2013.3, have fun and let us know what you think!
Your Unknown Horizons Team

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